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Homeschooling Together is the oldest support group in the Arlington, Massachusetts area. We welcome all families. Our vital, active membership of over 200 families has children in a wide range of ages from infants to teens. As a group we do not endorse any one resource, method or philosophy over another. Homeschooling is the ultimate individualized education, allowing each family to find what works for them. Member families homeschool in a wide variety of styles, from child-led philosophies and self-created eclectic programs to purchased curricula. Information is given for your own evaluation and as a starting point for your own homeschooling adventure. A small sampling of group activities includes regular park days, field trips, a preschool playgroup, an annual craft fair, support meetings, winter ice skating, classes, beach days, and a yearly May Day celebration. The group exists as a framework for networking, communicating and supporting each other. Activities are dependent on the unique energies and interests of individual members. We encourage everyone to share their skills, talents, ideas, and resources. Organizing field trips, hosting meetings or potlucks, or offering classes are just a few examples of potential contributions to group vitality.

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Homeschooling Together is an open support group. You are welcome to join at any time, simply by subscribing to the Yahoo group. We do not discriminate based on age, race, family status, religious belief, or sexual orientation. There is no membership fee. By subscribing to the Yahoo group, you become part of the group. Contact Peter at for more info.


First, read this article on how to get to know local homeschoolers:

How and Why to Get Connected

Next, try to make it to one of the following long-standing get-togethers of subscribers to Homeschooling Together:

  • Wednesday Playground: September, October, November, April, May, June
  • Wednesday Indoor Games Day: November, December, January, February, March
  • Friday Walden Pond: May, June
  • Friday Ice Skating: November, December, January, February, March



PO Box 1307
Arlington, MA 02474-0021

Advocates for Home Education in Massachusetts (AHEM) is an independent, grassroots organization working to foster a group of informed and active homeschoolers in the state. Empowered to be our own best advocates, we are the best line of defense in keeping our right to independently homeschool. We invite you to browse our web site where you will find practical information and support for homeschooling in Massachusetts (including support groups and events listings), information about AHEM, and snapshots of real life Massachusetts homeschoolers.

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